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Bringing a 1963 Canadian Kenworth K925 COE, 1969 Pete 352 COE and a 1980 Ford CL9000 COE Back to Life

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1963 Canadian Kenworth K925 COE

This Canadian Kenworth cabover was purchased new by Mairs in 1963 and serial # proves it. This is a K925. It had torsion bar rear suspension, that's what 925 stood for apparently. it has been changed out for Rayco spring suspension, probably a good thing as the torsion rode nice apparently, but was expensive to maintain and rebush.

    One day, hopefully, the truck will look similar to this Mairs Transport Canadian Kenworth.
We rounded up the old original 5th wheel for the KW today
Just prior to removal of the old water tank After tank removal lookin proud
We spent the afternoon washing the KW for the first time, she cleaned up nice for the 1st day cleaning,
some nice pics for you also found evidence of some cream white paint on the roof which I assume was the Mairs paint color.
I scooped 4 1/2 more roof lamps yesterday in case I need a spare them old metal ones are not too easy to find in a world of plastic. Here is a picture I was given its back in its working life hauling flatdeck by its 3rd owner. The time frame is roughly 1995 or a bit earlier.
I had a two day visit with Wilf and Lynn Mairs, what a blast he is a wonderfull man with stories to tell, we looked over the truck and he seemed happy seeing it . Thanks to Scott Mckenzie for putting us together was a great time ........... Here are a few pics of us today July 23/ 2015

Adding to the family of cabovers

1969 Peterbilt 352A Cabover

A 1969 Peterbilt 352A cabover has NTC350, 13 speed transmission. I've traced the history to the original owner who was Interstate Motor Lines out of Salt lake City US , USA, that explains the yellow paint I'm finding on the frame and backside of fuel tanks.

The Pete originaly came with tandem Peterbilt AirTrac susp when new acording to the build sheet I've obtained. Somewhere along the line of all things someone took it out and put in a KW torsion bar suspension setup.

A Bit of IML History

Started in 1929, in Salt Lake City, UT, IML, or Interstate Motor Lines, eventually grew to operate 35 terminals covering 25 states. In 1983, it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and closed its doors in 1984.

This picture is of the Pete as found been sitting for a few years. Here is a photo of the Cummins engine
Here are a few more pictures of the inside as found before cleanup, not bad for a 1969 truck I'd say.
Here is the Pete again after it arrived home after its first wash and scub cleanup in many a years. I'd say lookin quite presentable!
Here are the two old school veterans sitting side by side in the late fall of 2015. They seem to be enjoying each other's company swapping trucking tales! HAHA
November 2015 first snow in Nelson, BC
The 63 KW went to Regina, Saskatchewan The 69 Pete went to Grand Prairie, Alberta

1980 FORD CL9000

I have a new COE, its a 1980 FORD CL9000 , Cat 3406 , 13 sp, RAYCO spring susp, it was purchased by a farmer in Montana used for local work it has 335,000 original miles.

Yesterday was deck removal day    
The Pete in the background is awaiting p/u soon A recent shot of the CL9000 with some "new to me" front tires all buffed up.  

1988 VOLVO FE 613

This truck is 1988 VOLVO FE 613 , has a VOLVO 6 cyl turbo diesel , 5 sp manual trans , KW B model sleeper for storage with roof airfoil , 22.5 rubber stainless hubcaps, has a removale deck with a small Hiab on it, truck came from Portland OR to Canada when it was 7 years old , than owned by a fellow from Manitoba who engineered the deck and did the truck up to its current state, he had it 20 years roughly and was a farm toy and was never used for farm use, was babied and best part the truck has NEVER SEEN SALT OR WINTER ROADS .... EVER!!!, frame is like new NO RUST so now it resides outside Nelson BC and will be used to tow my 5th wheel RV trailer to ATHS shows and vacations.
These pictures were taken along the way home. The picture on the right was taken in Greenwood BC

Here is the Volvo with its steel flatdeck removed. There are 6 bolts and has 3 legs that lift it off and drive the truck away .......... well engineered !

The flatdeck lifts off and under it is a 5th wheel hitch, deck plate and trailer hookup lines , so its a full tractor with deck removed.

  This train station was taken during fall 2016 in Nelson BC  

I found this poor ole GMC General that's seen better days I also found this ole Hayes HD in Lethbridge AB  

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