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Roadway # 835117 Volvo VN Kansas Triple Tractor Maybrook, NY Roadway # 17018 Sterling Maybrook, NY
Metropolitan Trucking # 2906 Freightliner Cascadia Lexington, VA. Yellow # 10680 originally 15680 Volvo VN Maybrook, NY Yellow # 47507 Freightliner Columbia Mt. Vernon, NY
Ready-line at Maybrook, NY Roadway # 785061 Volvo VN Thru-Way Tractor Maybrook, NY Earl Paddock # 757 KW T800 Suffern, NY
Robert # 102834 Volvo Wilton, NY T J Potter Trucking # 870 Freightliner Columbia Montgomery, NY
John E Bennett KW K100 Sloatsburg, NY Commscope #584 Freightliner Cascadia Middlesex, PA
Yellow #11231 2008 Volvo Verona, VA. New York City Sanitation Mack-Heil Middlesex, PA
Here are a couple of recent Yellow/Roadway pictures
Great West Towing GMC Astro 95 Kingman, AZ 2002 Dixie Diesel Service Mack LT / Holmes 750 ST. George, UT. 2002 Overnite # 34235 International 9400 Kingman,AZ. 2002
Kings County Truck Lines # 1597 Freightliner FLD112 Primm,NV. 2002 Coastal Transport International 9200 No. Las Vegas,NV. 2002 Estes #14875 Ford LN9000 Richmond,VA. 1993
Estes #W14 mack F/ Holmes Richmond,VA. 1993 Coles Express #2467 White Road Boss 2 Bangor, Me 1992 Coles Express #211 Freightliner FL112 Bangor, ME. 1992
Coles Express #28 GMC Astro 95 Bangor, ME 1992 Coles Training Institute Freightliner FLC Bangor, ME 1992 Roadway #83800 International 8200 Stroudsburg, PA 1994
Roadway #87100 International S2675 Stroudsburg, PA. 1992 Roadway #854042 White/Volvo Richfield, OH. 1992 Roadway #845526 Mack CH Richfield, OH. 1992
New Penn #700 KW T800 Roxbury, NJ 1997 CF #8601 Ford LT9000 Dorval, QE 1991 Yellow GMC "Brig" Dorval, QE 1992
Yellow Raphine ,VA Relay Yard 1993 This facility closed March 1st, 2009 TEAL'S Mack CH Suffern, NY 1997 Axe & Arthur Motor Express Mack CH Williamsville, NY 1993
Wise Snacks GMC/Volvo Columbia, NJ 1996 Moran Towing Pete 379 Kearny, NJ
J Supor #45 2003 Pete 379 Harrison, NJ J Supor # 46 Pete 389 Harrison, NJ Lomma # 100 Autocar South Kearny, NJ
W J Casey #70 2001 KW C500 Branchburg, NJ W J Casey # 10 KW T800W Branchburg, NJ W J Casey 1922 Mack AB Branchburg, NJ
R&R express 1980 Pete 352 Ridgefield, NJ

These next pictures were taken at a local ATHS truck show on June 7, 2009
Conforti # 22 1980 Mack DM 800 with 1951 Rodgers " Wobble Wheel " trailer.
Benjamin Bros. #29 1979 KW W900 JB Transp. 1980 KW W900 Extended Hood
Langer Transport Corp. # 372 Freightliner Columbia Mahwah, NJ Mohawk Stone 1969 White 4000 Sloatsburg, NY SOS Fuels International ProStar Tuxedo, NY
H P Hood International 9400 Schenectady, NY Price Chopper # 50954 Freightliner Cascadia Schenectady, NY Hannaford #48 Freightliner Cascadia Schodack Landing, NY
Ayers Ford F Series Manunkachunk, NJ Malbros # 124 Pete 379 Mahwah, NJ Manning Transfer # 364 1985 KW K100Aerodyne 86/ Double Eagle Mahwah, NJ
Hess Oil # 0518T Volvo VN Mahwah, NJ
Three Mack Granite's are from the NYDOT. Maybrook, NY
Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Comm. Mack RD Philipsburg, NJ Bob Evans KW T660 # 1175 Frystown, PA Old Dominion # 2459903 Freightliner Cascadia Middlesex, PA
Private Motor Home Pete 359 Middlesex, PA UPS Freight #12697 Volvo Middlesex, PA Ruan #R90388 International ProStar Carlisle,PA
Marten # 8765 Freightliner Cascadia Carlisle, PA Eastern Freightways # 40407
International 9400 Carlisle, PA
Howells Motor Freight # R303 International 8600
Middlesex, PA
H.O.Bouchard # 8309 Mack Vision Middlesex, PA Werner #54991 KW T660 Middlesex, PA Brock express #825 Pete 386 Middlesex, PA
Cheeseman #1340 International ProStar Middlesex, PA Creech Horse Trans. #200 Pete 386 Middlesex. PA Bourassa #31H99 KW T2000 Middlesex, PA
Pilot #5410 Freightliner
Cascadia Carlisle, PA
CLI Transp. Volvo Middlesex, PA Indian River # 601 Freightliner Cascadia Carlisle, PA
F & F Productions Freightliner Century Carlisle, PA Genesis Trans. #9214 Freightliner Cascadia Manada Hill, PA Kraft # 0420 Volvo Manada Hill, PA
PJAX # 547 2006 Pete 335 Mahwah, NJ AirGas Pete 379 Carneys Point, NJ
Pete 359 Mahwah, NJ Maverick #10067 Freightliner Cascadia Manada Hill, PA
R&L Racing International ProStar Grantville, PA McElroy # 5070 International 9200i Carlisle, PA American Red Ball #9742 KW W900L Carlisle, PA
D&E Transport # 143 Freightliner Classic/ Double Eagle Middlesex,PA Advance Mobile Marine 1953 Ford C-500/ Western Star sleeper
Owner G. Wayne Trent Middlesex, PA
Sunbury # 14198 Pete 386 Middlesex,PA
Daily #557033 KW T800 Middlesex, PA LandStar/Ranger # 538636 Volvo VT880 Middlesex, PA Transport Freemack/Robert Pete 379 Middlesex, PA
Gypsum Express # 791 International 9900i Carlisle, PA Illumination Dynamics Pete 362E Middlesex, PA OD # 3459229 Freightliner Columbia 120 Middlesex, PA
Snake Eyes Trucking # 6111 Volvo/ARI Middlesex, PA 1992 KW K100 Bridgeport, CT.
Lily Dedicated Logistics International 8600 Suffern, NY Caught this "big" set for WalMart in Suffern, NY today. Wish it was a Cascadia. WalMart # 7-0470 International ProStar Suffern, NY Vitran # 310156 Freightliner Cascadia Mahwah, NJ
Wegmans # 310 VolvoVN Suffern, NY ShopRite #1851 2007 Freightliner Columbia North Bergen, NJ
Grocery Haulers Freightliner Columbia X-Penske Suffern, NY. Grocery Haulers has taken over the contract for Freihofers from Penske.
Grocery Haulers # 2704 Navistar 8600 Suffern, NY Werner # 54769 Navistar ProStar Suffern, NY
Ace Hardware Freightliner Cascadia Suffern, NY
Transervice Interstate Logistics Volvo VN Suffern, NY
Grocery Haulers # 622 Freightliner Columbia Suffern, NY
Garelick Farms Freightliner Columbia Suffern, NY
Grocery Haulers # 2704 Navistar 8600 Suffern, NY Ace Hardware Freightliner Cascadia Mahwah, NJ Buanno # 30 Navistar 9400 Suffern, NY
Bekins # 4208 Pete 379 Mahwah, NJ BRT # B-94 Pete 386 Mahwah, NJ
Shop Rite # 1808 KW T600A Old Bridge, NJ Normandin Transit #2111 KW T660 Mahwah, NJ
P Hood # 6331934 Navistar 9400i Suffern, NY Moores Moving Services # 777 Volvo 770 Mahwah, NJ Wegmans #310 Volvo Suffern, NY
Suffern, NY Tandem-Trailer Compound BTA #23 Pete 387 Suffern, NY
Food Haulers #1700 Navistar DuraStar/ Morgan Elizabeth, NJ FoodLiner # 206154 Freightliner Columbia Suffern, NY
Mack M Series dump truck Roxbury, NJ KW Dart dump truck Roxbury, NJ Mack F Model dump truck Roxbury, NJ

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