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Images of Heavy Western Trucking, Vol. 2

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Oversize Images of Heavy Western Trucking, Volume 2
By Mark Wayman

This is Mark's second book on oversized loads. After reading Oversize Volume 1, I was eagerly looking forward to Volume 2. I must say I was not disappointed. In fact I was pleasantly surprised that the quality of the book and the pictures was much better even than Volume 1. I believe that the better quality was due to the fact that the book was printed in the US instead of overseas.

Here are the chapters in Oversize Volume 2:
Dam Bypass
Super Haul
Custom Fabrication
High Voltage
Oversized in Miniature

I was very impressed with the first chapter where Mark features shows images of the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge being built. In January 2011 I traveled over this bridge and while you are on US93 and crossing the bridge you don't realize what all went into the building of this wonder of wonders. Even viewing the Dam Bypass Bridge from Hoover Dam, which looks impressive, you have no idea the hours of work went into building the bridge. Mark has captured the work very well in this first chapter.

The images of the loads being hauled to the construction site only shows us a fraction of the materials that went into the bridge and the many different companies from all over the US participated in this massive project. Well done Mark!

The subsequent chapters show the detail that Mark puts into his books. Not only pictures of the trucks, but also details about each picture. Mark documents the engines as well as great ratios that power all trucks in the images in Oversize Volume 2.

I really like the variety of the trucks, trailers and loads. Mark really captures the feeling of being there when the pictures were taken. Mark gets to the locations where most of us could never get to. So as you go through this book you are in awe as you see the images that Mark has captured.

Oversize Volume 2 is available in many locations online. To purchase your copy of Oversize Volume 2 before the book is sold out, visit the Buffalo Road Imports web site (see below) or write to them directly.

Reviewed by Hank Suderman (www.hankstruckpictures.com)

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Images of Heavy Western Trucking, Vol. 1

Review by Hank Suderman

I was told by the author that this book was going to published. I know from the pictures that Mark has shared with me for my web site, www.hankstruckpictures.com, that his pictures are all well thought out, right down to the angle of the sun. The pictures are taken in places where us regular people cannot go. Mark seems to have the right connections with the different companies that can get him into
locations to get pictures that we could only dream about getting.

"The trucks in this book are not the "glamor girls" that sparkle and shine as they travel the Western United States. The trucks in this book work and perform under the demanding schedules and in
unforgiving environments...

...they earn their keep safely moving OVERSIZED loads to their final destinations."

The above paragraph is a small segment from the introduction. But those words tell the reader what to expect to find in the book.

Every picture tells a story, and every caption brings the story to life. With each picture Mark gives the reader about as much information as he possibly can, from the tire size to information on the rear ends.

Mark Wayman doesn't just feature heavy lowboy loaded trucks, but he also features extreme length tankers and freight haulers. Mark hasn't missed much when he wrote this book. Mark has spent many hours discussing the trucks and their loads with the different companies, so the information you read under each picture comes from reliable sources.

Any truck enthusiasts and especially anyone interested in heavy loads, this is the book for you.

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