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From November-December 2009 to as late as May 2010 the CPR was hauling "wind tower" loads on specialized flats from Quebec to various destination points in Iowa or Nebraska. The shot of the Mud Lake illustrates the tapered tower sections, but there were always cylindrical loads as well shipped by rail.

For smaller loads to say Ontario destinations the job was done by truck. The loads travel by daylight I believe and I was able to capture a few shots as this load was laid up to overnight at the Weigh Scales at Glen Tay on Hwy #7 just west of Perth, Ontario.

This next group of pictures were photographed at the International Plowing Match at Crosby Ontario, back in September 2007
Volvo ReSurface Group Elmira Olympic Ice Resurfacers J. Verbruggen Trucking tank at Napanee ON
Another dimensional load at Weigh Scales, Glen Tay ON  
Reo schoolbus at Hanover ON, ReSurface Group at Colborne ON  

Recently I found this seemingly new CFI unit at the Trenton ONroute west Service Centre. I talked with the owner, and he let me know that the truck was only 1 month old. The trailer is 60' long, Canadian design by Innovative Trailer Design Industries. Also included a few other vehicles I have spotted at different places.

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