Krause Family Trucking History

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Krause Family Trucking History
My Grandfather, Ernest Krause, and my Dad, Trevor, both worked as leased operators at Millar & Brown from the late sixties to mid seventies. They both worked out of the Calgary terminal, later my Dad worked out of Edmonton.
This was their first truck, unit 702, a 1966 KW with a 335 Cummins that they purchased from Gordon Phillips in 1968. They double shifted this truck. Grandpa worked days and Dad ran at night, covering the Calgary - Walsh switch. In 1970 the 1966 KW was traded in on this new 1970 KW, unit 759, with a 1763 ßCat.
Ernest Krause standing in front of his new KW. Remember the good old days when you could still park a truck in your driveway? Who says wide-single tires are a new thing? This was a short-lived experiment. In 1970, my Dad got his own truck, starting with this 1968 KW, unit 762, with a 270 Cummins, which was notorious for breaking headbolts.
Around this time Dad also purchased this 1964 KW with a 317 GM, unit 718, and hired a driver. This was another short-lived experiment. Dad traded the 1968 in on this KW that he ordered in 1972, also numbered 762. It was about as optioned-up as you could get, 1693 Cat, 5&4, torsion suspension. I have the original invoice from S&M Kenworth in Calgary...$31,781!! Shortly after buying this truck, he moved to Edmonton to take over the Edmonton - Lethbridge run.
Trevor Krause with his new KW Interior of the new KW
These were taken at the Millar & Brown yard in Edmonton
At the Wetaskiwin rest area on Highway 2 at around 5:00 am
Dad left Millar & Brown in 1977, we moved to Acme, Alberta and Dad worked locally for a few years. Here is is hauling ammonia.

After a rollover, a VIT sleeper was added and the truck was repainted. Within a year, Dad sold the truck and moved on to other things. Unfortunately, we heard that the truck was destroyed in a wreck a few months after he sold it.

I would love to hear from anyone who remembers these trucks or working with these men. My Grandfather passed away early in 2000 and Dad is semi-retired and living in Red Deer, Alberta.

I got my start in trucking in 1993 working for Nowsco Well Service in Red Deer, hauling bulk with this 1979 KW. This was taken near High Level, Alberta. On the job near Fort St John, BC
On a Fracturing job near Fot Nelson, BC. The cabover unit that my sand trailer is backed up to is the blender, which mixes sand and frac fluids to make a gel, which is then pumped down the well by the pumping units. Examples of two types of frac pumpers are the twin-steer KW's, called Sows, that had 1200 HP 12V149 Detroits driving the pumps and the trailer mounted pumpers, called Boars, had 1600 HP Cummins V16-KTA's.
I hauled gravel long enough to know that getting up at 4AM wasnt for me, but I did enjoy driving this truck, a 1980 Peterbilt 359. A couple of Robinsons Transport trucks. The GMC General was a blast to drive, it had a hot 8V92 Detroit in it and fairly long legs.
Young, good looking and rich... well, two out of three ain't bad. I ran this 1987 Freightliner from BC to Ontario in 1994. Somewhere between Sault St Marie and Nipigon on Highway 17.
The first new truck I drove was this Freightliner in late 1994. This is the same truck today, still working daily in 2012 for my friend Frank Rosenau.
Probably my favorite truck out of alll of them was this 1983 Freightliner cabover that I ran Alberta and BC with for a year or so.
The '83 Freightliner after some 'selective repainting'

In 1997 I started with Kindersley Transport in Calgary and with the exception of two short periods, I have been with them every since. I ran Sicamous and Rogers Pass switches for several years before getting my extended length permit and settling on to my current spot on the Calgary - Oyen run.
Unit 469. This truck worked around the clock all week. I ran the Sicamous switch at night and it was used for city P&D during the day time. Ready to leave for Sicamous.
Leaving for the Oyen switch with Rocky Mountain doubles. On the way home from Edmonton with Turnpike Doubles.
This is the unfortunate result of a combination of strong cross winds, icy roads and no weight in the trailers. I was forunate to walk away unhurt.
This is my 1984 Kenworth K100 that I purchased in 2011 as a hobby truck. It's a work in progress. I am proud to be a third generation cabover owner. These pictures were taken by Ken Dubuc. Self portrait taken at the Hayes 90th Anniversary show in Port Alberni, BC. Older, wiser, wealthy... well two out of three is still pretty good.

Early 60's Kenworth taken at Kamloops, BC in 1994 Ford CL9000 at the Rogers Pass Summit in 1988 359 Peterbilt taken at Red Deer, AB in 1992
Early 60's Hayes Clipper taken at Swift Current, SK in 1994. Kenworth K100 taken at Red Deer, AB in 1992

Hayes HD logger
Kenworth LW900 logger
Kenworth LW900 logger
Kenworth W900 longhood and B-Train flatbeds
White Freightliner double bunk and flatdeck
White Freightliner cabovers Gibsons A-Train
Mack Superliner Gibsons B-Train
Kenworth K100 and reefer
Ford CL9000 Freightliner FLC120 Freightliner with pneumatic bulk trailer
Chevrolet JH90 and end dump trailer

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