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ATSF at Chelsea, KS.
I think the lead unit is an ex-Amtrak SDP40F with notches in the nose for switching duty.
UP hood unit on the fabled Don Ball Curve in Lawrence, KS. Taken at a crossing east of Derby, KS. Can't find my old ATSF timetable and can't recall the name. Was very windy that day!
This ATSF train was taken near Rosehill, KS, a small town in the south central part of the state. Great place to railfan. Another UP train on the extremely busy main. On the grade to Matfield Green, KS on ATSF Emporia Sub.
The UP in the fog, near North Platte, NE. Taken on the old overpass in Wichita, KS. The "highline" has been completely rebuilt to handle the extra train traffic. Former CNW GEs on the UP main at Wood River, NE. Always loved that livery!
An assortment of aging ATSF "Geep" power grinds to the top of the hill near Cassoday, KS. ATSF units pull out of north side of Wichita on a rainy day. The ATSF at Augusta, KS, about 20 miles east of Wichita.
The SP/DRGW at Bison, KS, way out west. Two freights accelerate out of Chicago late at night on the BNSF "racetrack".
Photo was taken at Brookfield, IL about midnight.
This is my favorite photo I have taken. It is at Chelsea, KS, just east of Eldorado Lake, taken at dusk on a blustery November, 1992. The line is the ATSF Emporia Sub.
This photo is on the UP just east of Wichita. UP has really bulked up their Wichita lines since this photo was taken in the early 90s. This is an oddball EMD export unit, taken at Brookfield, IL in 2000. Its trucks were on a flatcar behind it.

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