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Back in 1997 I created this web site out of a need for truck pictures on the Internet. Back then there were almost NO pictures of trucks on the web. So that was why I created this web site. Over the years many people have shared from their collections to make this web site one of the largest web sites on the web. Then came social media web sites and all of a sudden the pictures from my web site were copied, downloaded and in many cases even the watermarks were either removed or covered up by new watermarks from the people who had no right to take the pictures and claim them as their own.

So people seem to feel it's their right and priviledge to download anything on the Internet and do anything with them. Well there are lawyers who will fight that. There is such a thing as copyright infringement. But I guess no one wants to admit it.

So I am shutting down my web site until I can think this whole thing through. You people who have already taken pictures from my site may have gotten away with it, but no one else will from this day forward.

It's just a shame when there are those who mess it up for the good people out there.


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